2016 Bee Symposium

Feb 25, 2016
A day long event discussing bee health and exploring best management practices help sustain the bee population for the future.

Our second annual Bee Symposium: Keeping Bees Healthy will be hosted at the UC Davis Conference Center on Saturday, May 7, 2016. Keynote speakers will include Yves Le Conte, Director, French National Bee Lab, Avignon, France and Dennis vanEngelsdorp, Assistant Professor of Entomology at the University of Maryland and project director for the Bee Informed Partnership. Additional speakers include  Rachel Vannette and Brian Johnson, Department of Entomology and Nematology, UC Davis and Quinn McFrederick, Department of Entomology, UC Riverside, and Claire Kremen, UC Berkeley and MacArthur Foundation Fellow. More speakers to be announced as they are confirmed. Continental breakfast, lunch and post-event reception included.

Date: Saturday, May 7, 2016

Time: 8:00AM - 6:00PM

Location: UC Davis Conference Center

Fee: $80 (General), $20 (Students)


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Keynote Speakers



8:00 – 9:00 am - Registration, Continental Breakfast

9:00 am - Welcome and Introductions

Amina Harris, Director, Honey and Pollination Center, RMI, UC Davis
Neal Williams, Associate Professor, Department of Entomology and Nematology, UC Davis

 9:15 am - (KEYNOTE) Honey Bees that Survive Varroa Mite in the World: What We Can Learn from the French Bees

Yves Le Conte, Director, French National Bee Lab, Avignon, France

10:15 am - Microbial Communities in Floral Nectar Influence Pollinator Preference and Foraging

Rachael Vannette, Associate Professor, Department of Entomology and Nematology, UC Davis

10:45 am - Break (Opportunity to visit Graduate Student Posters and Exhibits)

11:15 am -Rediversifying intensive agricultural landscapes to promote native pollinators

Claire Kremen,  Professor, Department Environmental Science, Policy, and Management, UC Berkeley

11:45 PM - Lunch

Graduate Student Poster Presentations
Educational exhibits

1:30 pm - (KEYNOTE) Reducing Colony Losses.  Does it take a village?

Dennis vanEngelsdorp, Assistant Professor, Department of Entomology, University of Maryland


 6 minute presentations about many different programs in the world of beekeeping

Ola Lundin: Research update on bees and neonicotinoids

Elina L. Niño: Honey Bee Extension at UC Davis

Hasna Wood: Apitherapy

Sonoma County Beekeepers Assoc.: Bee-ing In Total Community

Pat Heitkam: An Introduction to Patrick Ranch Bee Museum and Educational Center

Julie Cridland: Honey Bees of California - Variation in Time and Space

3:15 pm - Break

3:30 pm -The Importance of Division of Labor for Understanding Colony Health

Brian Johnson, Associate Professor, Department of Entomology and Nematology, UC Davis

4:00 pm - The Bee Microbiome

Quinn McFrederick, Assistant Professor, Department of Entomology, UC Riverside                

4:30 pm - Winners of the Graduate Student Poster Competition Announce

4:45 pm - Closing Reception

Special thanks to: Rabbit’s Foot Meadery, Sunnyvale, Calif.; Strad Meadery, Fair Oaks, Calif.; Yolo Brewing for their donations to our reception!

Good Life Garden at the Robert Mondavi Institute of Wine and Food Science

 6:00 pm - Close


Graduate Student Poster Competition

Please contact at cacasey@ucdavis.edu to enter and for more information.

  • Open to graduate students from any related departments (UC Davis, UC Berkeley, CSUS, and beyond)
  • Poster presenters are provided with complementary conference registration.
  • Guidelines available upon request.
  • Deadline to enter is April 11, 2016


  • 1st Place - $1000
  • 2nd Place - $750
  • 3rd Place - $500
  • 4th Place - $250


Last year's winners:

1st Place - Rei Scampavia (Farming Practices Affect Nest Site Selection of Native Ground Nesting Bees)
2nd Place - Jennifer VanWyk (Wet Meadow Restoration Buffers the Impact of Climate Change: Pollinator Resilience during the California Drought)
3rd Place - Leslie Saul-Gerschenz (Native Bee Parasite Shows Multitrait, Host-Specific Variation and Local Adaptation)


 2016 Vendors and Exhibitors

2015 Bee Symposium

Take a look at our previous 2015 Bee Symposium: HERE

"As a new beehive owner I thought the information presented was fascinating and presented in a very efficient manner. I loved every aspect of the presentations!"

"Nice to get science, there is a lot of fuzzy thinking out there."

"Thank you for a well-organized, thoroughly engaging and thought-provoking day."


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Events at the Center

The Honey and Pollination Center hosts several annual events including mead making short-courses, symposiums, public outreach events and fundraising dinners. Many of these are unique to the center, and to UC Davis. Mead-making short courses in a university environment have never been offered to hobbyists, professional mead makers, and the general public. The Bee Symposium, an annual event, brings together faculty from the esteemed UC Davis Department of Entomology and Nematology with bee researchers, experts and hobbyists from the United States and Canada. Click on the events below to learn more about each.


Upcoming Events at the Center

  • April 5, 2016: World of Honey - Honey Tasting Series (International)
  • April 16, 2016: Pollination Day (Picnic Day)
  • May 7, 2016: 2nd Annual Bee Symposium
  • May 20-21, 2016: Honey Sensory Experience
  • May 22, 2016: Honey Sensory Master Course
  • January 12, 2017: Bootcamp in the Winery
  • January 13 & 14, 2017: Introduction to Mead Making


Other Campus Events

MARCH 2016

March 2, 2016: Population Genomics of Social Evolution - Seminar
March 9, 2016: Talk by Diane Campbell - Seminar
March 21-23, 2016: Spring Break


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