Jul 30, 2013
The Honey and Pollination Center needs your help to continue to grow and develop.


You can support the Honey and Pollination Center by making an unrestricted online gift using the link below. Gifts in the amounts listed will receive special recognition on our website and include links to your business and/or blog, and be included on printed event materials (programs, brochures, posters). All gifts make a difference, and yours can help the Honey and Pollination Center to:

  • Establish a Master Beekeeping Program, which will take place over several years. A 3-5 year curriculum is currently being developed and will later be published. Mentors from UC Davis will be paired with upcoming beekeepers. Finally, a coordinator will be hired to run the entire program statewide.
  • Support research of bee health and pollination, which is taking place at the Harry H. Laidlaw Bee Biology facility on campus. The center donates a portion of the proceeds from the sales of UC Davis honey each year to help continue the work of at the laboratory.
  • Work with the Yolo and Sacramento Counties to change their beekeeping guidelines to allow beekeeping in each county’s unincorporated areas. Additionally, we are working with other cities and communities to expand their acceptance of bees and beekeeping. The center also aims to develop guidelines that can be used throughout the state as needed.

The Honey and Pollination Center needs your help to continue to grow and develop. Your gift says you believe in us and the important work that we do. For that, we say thanks!

$2500: Queen Bee

$1000: Native Pollinator

$500: Honey Bee

$250: Hummingbird

Donating to the Mead Research Fund?

As more and more consumers venture into the world of making mead, they search out answers to questions concerning varietal honey selection, yeast selection, recipes and so much more.

Many of these questions are answered in forums on line. Others, however, need serious research to address the issues. Recognizing that most meaderies do not have the time or finances to set up and run research trials, and at the request of many meadmakers, we have begun this process here at UC Davis.

We have started simply – analyzing the nutrients in honey – and hope to grow this research and many more over the coming years. Your donation will ensure that this research will continue and help the world of mead become a popular and even tastier beverage in the future.



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  • The Springcreek Foundation

$2500 – Queen Bee

  • Natural American Foods
  • Z Specialty Food
  • California Honey Festival

$1000 – Native Pollinator

  • American Beekeeping Federation

$500 – Honey Bee

  • Moonlight Meadery
  • O Olive Oil
  • Sonoma Syrup Co.
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