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Mead Making 201

Learn more in-depth about mead, a continuation course from Mead 101. Mead 201 is designed for the mead maker who has made 6 or more fermentations. This mead maker will know that it isn’t always beginner’s luck and needs to do much more work to learn how to be successful each and every time.

Sensory Evaluation of Honey

This introductory course uses sensory evaluation tools and methods to educate participants in the nuances of varietal honey. Students will learn about methods of evaluation, stands and quality in this certificate program.

Sensory Evaluation of Honey Certificate Course

Mead Making 101

Brewers and winemakers alike know that the buzz in the world of alcoholic beverages is all about mead. Explore this fascinating fermented beverage from its rich history to its recent rebirth in America. Taste and learn the styles, ingredient selection and the steps to making good mead.

  • Robert Mondavi Institute Sensory Building, Sensory Theater
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