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Ishai Zeldner Memorial Varietal Honey Research Fund

Ishai Zeldner Memoral Honey Research Fund

There are many honey aficionados who attribute the growing interest in varietal honey to Ishai Zeldner, founder of Moon Shine Trading Company in 1979. Ishai’s vision to bring top quality varietal honey to the table began with his own introduction to Yellow Star Thistle Honey in Northern California. After giving away more honey than he could afford, he began his fledgling business with a selection of California specialty honeys to the Company’s offerings. Now, Moon Shine Trading Company is part of the family of Z Specialty Food, LLC. Z Specialty is known throughout the US for offering over thirty fine varietal honeys selected from across North America.

In honor of Ishai’s entrepreneurial spirit and love of varietal honeys, this fund builds upon his legacy by establishing a platform for discretionary research of varietal honey. Through a series of lenses, this fund will support research which may include sensory science as well as aroma, flavor, nutritional and pollen analyses to ensure that varietal honeys continue to be better analyzed, classified, shared, and celebrated.



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Mead Research Fund

Mead research fund

As more and more consumers venture into the world of making mead, they search out answers to questions concerning varietal honey selection, yeast selection, recipes and so much more.

Many of these questions are answered in forums on line. Others, however, need serious research to address the issues. Recognizing that most meaderies do not have the time or finances to set up and run research trials, and at the request of many meadmakers, we have begun this process here at UC Davis.

We have started simply – analyzing the nutrients in honey – and hope to grow this research and many more over the coming years. Your donation will ensure that this research will continue and help the world of mead become a popular and even tastier beverage in the future.