Mead Making 201

mead 201

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RMI Sensory Building, Sensory Theater

Learn more in-depth about mead, a continuation course from Mead 101. Mead 201 is designed for the mead maker who has made 6 or more fermentations. This mead maker will know that it isn’t always beginner’s luck and needs to do much more work to learn how to be successful each and every time. Learn how to set up a small lab at home and learn what tools you need to understand the microbiology happening in your carboy. Defects always happen – but why? A formal introduction to sensory science, led by a member of the UC Davis faculty will be put to use with a study of two styles of mead. Using sensory evaluation techniques, we will begin to seriously evaluate mead.


Mead Making 201
Date: June 25 - 27, 2020

$799 ($900 after May 20, 2020)

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The Learning Experience:

  • Hands-on laboratory experiences with an emphasis on introductory microbiology
  • An introduction to how our personal sensory apparatus works
  • A focus on melomels: A balancing act of fruit and honey
  • Braggots: What makes a good beer a great beer? Honey
  • Defining a stylistic category: are there any rules?
  • Yeast selection
  • Defects: how to understand and avoid
  • Solving problems in the fermentation process
  • Melomel research: three recipes, three yeasts, one honey