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Mead-Making at UC Davis

The second successful mead making course at UC Davis, with more yet to come.

In case you missed out on the Introduction to Mead Making Course at UC Davis from November 14, 2014 - November 15, 2014 and want access to its contents, you can purchase the whole course online here.

“Imagine,” exulted Ken Schramm, “we are in the Robert Mondavi Institute and we are talking about mead.”

Schramm, the author of “The Compleat Meadmaker” and owner of Schramm’s Mead in Ferndale, Michigan, was at UC Davis for a two-day conference, “An Introduction to Making Mead.”

It’s the second year that the Robert Mondavi Institute for Wine and Food Science has hosted a conference on the art and science of mead-making, and the second year that it was filled to capacity with mead-makers and potential mead-makers from around the U.S. and, this year, from as far away as Wales.

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