Presenter Information

Below you will find the instructions for getting your power points to us and instructions for poster presenters. If you have any questions or issues please contact Liz Luu,

Giving a talk?

For those giving a talk, please name your PPT files as follows: Session #_Name of Presenter (i.e. Session 1_Neal Williams). 

Presenters will be sent a link via email to upload your presentation into a cloud folder. Alternatively, you will be able to upload the presentation BEFORE your session on a computer available in the conference room. It would be, however, extremely helpful to all the session organizers if you would upload your presentations prior to the conference. 

If you would like to make your presentation available for download on the conference website, please also upload a PDF file of your presentation as well and name it as follows: Your last name_Title of your presentation (e.g., Williams_Developing supplemental forage for bees).


Presenting a poster?

Posters will be displayed on free standing panels with two posters on each side. Panels are 8 ft wide. Allowable poster dimensions are, maximum of 48 in wide  x 36 in tall (4ft x 3 ft). Participants will be assigned poster numbers which will correlate with the panel where the poster is to be displayed. The conference will provide materials to hang the posters on the panels, but authors are responsible for hanging and take down of their own poster.

Please hang your poster by 9AM Thursday July 18. Posters will remain up throughout the conference.  Each poster will be presented on one of the two nights (either Thursday July 18 or Friday July 19), but all posters must be available for viewing throughout the duration of the conference.

Please ensure your poster text is readable from a 1.5 m distance. Small fonts on either main text or figures will not work well for poster viewing.