UC Davis Mead Making Courses Overview

Mead is ‘hot’ right now. Everyone is willing to try a taste of this fascinating and ancient beverage. A few of you want to know more.

The Honey and Pollination Center, working in concert with the Department of Viticulture and Enology has re-envisioned our mead course offerings.

More on Mead

The science of mead-making is new to the University environment, but not to the beverage culture.

 The Honey and Pollination Center is bringing together the leaders in the mead business, including private individuals, hobbyists, professional mead-makers, and those simply interested in this fascinating and delicious beverage, with the resources and technology that has made UC Davis a leader in the world of food and beverage academia. With a faculty connected to the food and beverage industry, UC Davis is the perfect place to usher in the mead sciences, short courses and research.