Honey and Pollination Center Calendar of Events 2019-2020

May 14, 2019

A quick look at The Honey and Pollination Center's upcoming events and courses. To stay updated and informed, sign up for our newsletter HERE.


June 23, 2019: Somm Day

An invitation only event for sommeliers and writers offering education and tasting of mead. Keynotes: Patrick McGovern and Gillian Balance. In coordination with the CIA.

June 24-27, 2019: Mead 301

Holiday Recipes

December 07, 2018

With the holidays just around the corner, we are often asked for recipe favorites that include honey. Here are some of our favorites using our UC Davis honeys:

Honey Roasted Carrots

A simple recipe that will be sure to sweeten up any holiday meal.

Taste This: The Connoisseurs Guide to Tasting Honey with Amina Harris at UC Davis

June 26, 2018

 No one honey is ever the same. KQED's Taste This visits Amina Harris, Director of the Honey and Pollination Center at the Robert Mondavi Institute at UC Davis, to learn how to appreciate honey the same way you’d appreciate a fine wine. Discover the subtleties of honey and buzz into a new world of flavors. 

The Honey and Pollination Center will be hosting an in-depth sensory experience tasting honey October 26-28, 2018. Learn more here.

UC Davis Mead Making Courses Overview

May 29, 2018

Mead is ‘hot’ right now. Everyone is willing to try a taste of this fascinating and ancient beverage. A few of you want to know more.

The Honey and Pollination Center, working in concert with the Department of Viticulture and Enology has re-envisioned our mead course offerings.

Honey: Intrinsically Non-GMO

March 20, 2018

by Amina Harris, Director, Honey and Pollination Center, UC Davis
(with input from Kent Bradford, Interim Faculty Director, World Food Center)

Questions have been raised with respect to whether honey produced by bees that might visit genetically modified crop plants should also be considered to be GMO. First, what is a “GMO”?

Defining the term “Genetically Modified Organism” (GMO):

4th Annual Bee Symposium to focus on Backyard Beekeeping

February 06, 2018

World renowned animal behaviorist, Thomas D. Seeley will address his latest interest, Darwinian Beekeeping, during the 4th Annual Bee Symposium at UC Davis, March 3rd. Presented by both the Honey and Pollination Center as well as the Department of Entomology and Nematology, this year’s program will focus on issues and interests of backyard beekeepers.